Vida Pura Juicery Extends the Torres Family Legacy on Manor Road

Originally published in the February 2019 issue of the Cherrywood Flea.

By Jennifer Potter-Miller

Veronica Torres helped her parents open Mi Madre’s more than twenty-five years ago. She’s thrilled to partner with her father, Edgar Torres, in a new venture just down the road in the former in.gredients location: Vida Pura Juicery.

The Flea spoke with Veronica and Edgar in late January while the store was undergoing renovations in preparation for opening day, February 8. The two showed off their industrial-strength juicer—the heart of the business—and chatted about how Vida Pura became a reality.

Edgar credits juicing with his recovery from cancer, as well his chill approach to life. Veronica got into juicing after she saw how it improved her father’s well being, and wants to share that positive experience with her neighbors. When the in.gredients location became available, they jumped on the opportunity to bring Vida Pura to Manor Road.

Veronica says, “I want to be a bridge to the community [by sharing mine and my dad’s experiences with juicing]. I want to welcome Latino people, who sometimes don’t drink or eat very healthy. I’m Latina and I want other Latinos to know that you don’t have to be vegan to come in. I say, ‘Come in, have a juice—see how it changes you!’ Juicing changes your life, one juice at a time. I want this to be for everyone.”

Opening Vida Pura has been a great experience for the father-daughter duo. Veronica reflects, “We’ve bonded so much more here than any other time in my life. We’ve grown so close, and that’s so important to me. What else can you ask for?”

Vida Pura will serve juices, smoothies, açai bowls, grab-and-go salads, vegan soups, avocado toast, and freshly prepared guacamole and chips. Veronica says, “We’re going to start simple and add more and more as we go.” They also plan to open the outdoor space for community activities, like free yoga classes.

Jennifer Potter-Miller