a tree-lined neighborhood street white paper lanterns in a coffeehouse blue-green century plants in the dimming twilight set against a bright yellow porch light a brown cat asleep on a gray quilt in a dark window surrounded by white shade and window trim musicians playing pipes and guitar outside a grocery store 2 purple picnic benches - adult and child size in a tiny park with a free library in a mailbox art behind a bus stop bench white upholstered chair in the sun's rays at a coffee shop white cat in window next to colorful patterned deep pink curtain in the next window Bicyclist hauling compost bins of compost near bags of leaves on a sunny street 3 chickens roosting on a tin chicken coop roof yellow and white freestanding door and windows as yard art sign that reads Boolean in a park tree mural of hexagons at an elementary school people at tables with umbrellas in an outdoor coffeehouse garden Paintings of Llamas

Welcome to Cherrywood!
Keeping East Austin Weird